The John Apple Swim Fund was founded in memory of legendary coach, John Apple. Coaching for over 50 years for various swim teams in Lancaster, Apple has been a motivator and mentor to many athletes. We hope to carry on his passion and influence in the sport of swimming for many years to come.


The John Apple Swim Fund encourages Lancaster County swimmers to pursue their dreams by awarding scholarships to those in need of financial support.


Becoming a successful swimmer demands more than just talent. Dedication,
 hard work, and a desire to excel are also required. In addition, financial
 support may be needed to advance to the next level. Athletes who can make
 the commitment to swim year round must bear the costs for team membership, 
training, apparel, equipment, meet fees and travel. Motivated swimmers who
 do not have the resources to continue in the sport should not be left
 behind. The goal of the John Apple Swim Fund is to create opportunities for 
Lancaster County swimmers to pursue their dreams.